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Best affordable heatpress for:


Beginners starting a heat transfer printing business from home 

Have you ever wanted to make your own t shirt or ever want to start your own apparel business? Well if you’re looking into starting a new hobby or putting some extra cash in you pocket then the first item of t-shirt business equipment you’ll need is a high pressure heat press machine.

You don’t just want the most affordable heat press. You want the best heat press for the money.  To get you started we’ll go over some of the features and price points of a few heat presses that I would recommend based on personal use or reputable reviews. Soon you’ll be confident in making your decision and on your way to making your own tshirts and apparel with the bonus of extra income!

Some different types:

  • Clamshell: heat press opens like a clam with the heating element on top
  • Swing-Away: the top heating element can be move away from your workspace

Some different features:

  • Auto-open: this feature automatically opens after a set time of being closed. No burnt garments!
  • Slide out Drawer: the bottom is a slide out drawer which moves your work space away from the heating element.

Some different sizes:

  • 15×15: perfect for small items
  • 16×20: great for doing full graphic t-shirts
  • 16×24: a must for doing large garments or over sized t-shirts

Here I’ve created an easy comparison of some heat presses that I would recommend for beginner, intermediate, & advanced levels.




Power Press 15×15 Clam Shell



OrangeA 16×20 Auto Open with Slide Out



YuchengTech 16×24 Swing Away with Slide Out



A heat press is a machine that transfers an image from a paper heat transfer to an article of clothing or apparel by using extreme amounts of heat and pressure. There are different types paper heat transfers. The heat transfer printing process can simply be printing out your own design on an inkjet or laser printer. Another option is to order them with premade or custom designs. If you’re considering this as a part time business I would recommend using plastisol heat transfers.

I have a list of plastisol vendors ==> Here!

Heat presses come in many different styles, sizes, option, user levels, and of course prices. So which heatpress would be best for you?  This may seem like a daunting task with all the choices out there but hopefully the information I provide on this website will make choosing one easy and with confidence. Ultimately I would suggest a 16×20 with auto-open and slide out features. 

Here is my 16×20 in action…